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my uncle was in a mash unit during the vietnam war. his military records were burned along with some 16 to 18 million others. spent hours on the web trying to find a way to find some records on him. do not have his military id number. the only thing i have is his birthdate and ss#.

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you can watch the full documentary at our on demand vimeo channel https //vimeo /ondemand/firstkill by buying this documentary on vimeo you help us making these

a vietnam veteran throws his war medal at the capitol

by 1971, the united states' participation in the vietnam war had grown ever more unpopular among the general population. the vietnam veterans against the war organized an anti war protest in washington dc .. a lamplighter lighting a gas lamp in a street in glasgow, scotland, 1955 [696x1024] 16.0k. 275 comments. share. save hide report. 14.8k

the best fighter aircraft in the vietnam war

even though the vietnam war, which raged from november 1955 to april 1975, is often looked upon mainly as a helicopter and bomber war due to the sheer variety and number of those aircraft operating in it, it is equally important to focus on interceptor fighters, multi role fighters, and fighter bombers to understand the best fighter aircraft of the vietnam war.

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stalingrad (1941 1942) defeat of the german army here put a halt to hitler s quest for world domination and marked the beginning of the end for the nazis in world war ii. during the battle 1.5 million lives were lost and 91,000 germans taken prisoner. germany never mounted another offensive battle again.

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full answer. scruggs himself served in vietnam in the 199th light infantry brigade from 1969 to 1970. the organization's founding purpose is to acknowledge and recognize the service and sacrifice of all americans who served during the vietnam war. the vietnam veterans memorial fund lobbied congress for a two acre plot of land within constitution gardens.

starfish prime the largest nuclear test in space

starfish prime was a high altitude nuclear test conducted by the united states on july 9, 1962. it was part of operation fishbowl. it was the largest nuclear test conducted in outer space, with a yield of 1.4 megatons. starfish prime generated an electromagnetic pulse (emp) that damaged electrical systems in hawaii, just under 900 miles away.

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nov 15, 2019 [at war is a newsletter about the experiences and costs of war. sign up here to get it delivered to your inbox every friday.] my friend paul critchlow fought in vietnam, earning a

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world war i was known by a number of different names. other names for world war 1 include the war to end all wars , the war of the nations, ww1 and the great war . the americans joined world war 1 after 128 americans were killed by a german submarine. in 1915, the british passenger sip lusitania was sunk by a german submarine. in all, 1,195 passengers, including 128 americans, lost their lives.

when soldier artists have a brush with war vietnam up

the vietnam fine arts museum in hanoi is presenting a record of the wars that the country has fought for national freedom through the eyes of soldier artists. this painting is one of the works showcased at an exhibition that marks the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the vietnam people s army on december 22, 1944.

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jan 17, 2014 british casualties were light, but nearly 28 guerrillas were killed. and as recently as october of 2011, a british army lance corporal named sean jones led a squad of soldiers from the prince of wales royal regiment in a bayonet charge against taliban fighters in helmand province, afghanistan .

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sheridans could not survive land mines nor rpgs as could the patton tanks, and although replaced on a one for one basis; nearly 200 sheridans were destroyed in the vietnam war, after nearly three

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best books on vietnam the best books about vietnam as a country, not just the vietnam war .. street without joy the french debacle in indochina by. bernard b. fall .. adaptation and survival among vietnam's highland peoples during the vietnam war by. gerald cannon hickey. really liked it 4.00 avg rating 1 rating.

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jan 25, 2010 squadron signal publications and/or osprey books, at one time published a book titled vietnam war "gun trucks". these were 2 1/2 and 5 ton

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tanks holds a massive collection of military tank specifications ranging from world war i, starting with history of army tanks, through wwii to present day battle tanks.. you will also find army tanks from the first world war, second world war, vietnam war, military tanks, modern army tanks, 21 st century tanks, anti tank weapons and details of famous army tank battles.

ap was there the vietnam war's tet offensive

jan 31, 2018 editor's note early on the morning of jan. 31, 1968, as vietnamese celebrated the lunar new year, or tet as it is known locally, communist forces launched a wave of coordinated surprise attacks across south vietnam. the campaign one of the largest of the vietnam war led to intense fighting and heavy casualties in cities and towns across the south.

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world war 1 world war 2 vietnam war american civil war. view all famous war worksheets. people. figures. anne frank sally ride explore the solar system, the food chain, the human body, animals, weather, inventions, and more .. kidskonnect is a growing library of high quality, printable worksheets for teachers and homeschoolers ..

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teaching about vietnam and the vietnam war. eric digest .. 122 east 42nd street, 14th floor, new york, ny 10168. "the encyclopedia of the vietnam war," a 1996 publication, includes original, signed articles dealing with many divergent aspects of the war.

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as war materials flowed into the mekong delta from cambodia, the u.s. command on 18 december 1965 stood up the river patrol force (task force 116). in operation game warden, 31 foot river patrol boats (pbrs) assisted by armed helicopters limited the enemy s use of south vietnam s larger rivers.

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home sweet home ; products. ww1 (wwi, world war one, great war) uniforms, equipment & gear for the british army. wwi (wwi, world war one, great war) australian, anzac, new

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sep 17, 2019 vietnam war map iv corps (from newsweek january 1, 1968) the sixteen southern provinces in and around the mekong river delta comprise the richest part of all vietnam, its rice bowl. the government claims to control more than 50 percent of the 6.5 million people in the watery region, but in many areas its grip is tenuous.

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war games. war is a state of armed conflict between countries or societies. soldiers usually use weapons to defeat their enemies from bow and arrows and swords to cannons and fire weapons such as guns and rifles like ak 47. there are several types of wars civil war, nuclear warfare, cyberwarfare, total war and other.

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honor your war hero grave headstones with a veteran grave marker.from union veteran grave markers to vietnam veteran grave markers, our handsome grave site markers will honor the memory of your loved one.we also have grave markers for free masons, medical professionals, firefighters and police.. wondering what faced and unfaced means? the faced aluminum grave marker has sanded off the

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prior to and during world war 2, 'jeep' was used to generically signify any 4x4 light vehicle until willys overland trademarked the name in 1950. overview. there are a total of 20 jeep vehicles and related (military) in the military factory. entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1 to z).

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i was about to tell her that miralles hadn't fought in one war, but many, but i couldn't, because i suddenly saw miralles walking across the libyan desert towards the murzuk oasis young, ragged, dusty and annonymous, carrying the tricolour flag of a country not his own, of a country that is all countries and also the country of liberty and which only exists because he and four moors and a

the 199th infantry brigade the campaign for the national

aug 23, 2016 the brigade was activated on 1 june 1966 at fort benning, georgia, as the 199th infantry brigade (light), with emphasis on counterinsurgency operations and mobility. the 199th later became known as the redcatchers for its mission objective to

soldiers celebrating christmas during the vietnam war

dec 22, 2019 bu dop, south vietnam, december, 1967 spec. 4 ron brault of kansas city, mo., eats dinner while sitting next to a christmas tree sent to him by his family. donated by bill kuenkler 1968, a two foot tall christmas tree, with lights and decorations mounted to a 1 x 12 pine board and a decorated four wire hanging line with hook. all was ready to

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50 incredible photos of the vietnam war. by micky wren flares from planes light a field covered with the dead and wounded of the ambushed battalion of the u.s. 1st cavalry division in the ia drang valley, vietnam, on november 18, 1965, during a fierce battle that had been raging for days .. on a saigon street on february 1, 1968, early

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wwii us navy kia purple heart for a sailor killed on the uss liscome bay in 1943. great patched cbi p 51 mustang fight pilot's a 2 jacket. 9th air force squadron commanders 4 pocket service coat and photos of him with ike very nice cbi bush jacket with belt.

liquid fire how napalm was used in the vietnam war

napalm is the most terrible pain you can imagine. water boils at 100 degrees celsius (212 f). napalm generates temperatures of 800 to 1,200 degrees celsius (1,500 2,200 f). anti vietnam war demonstration, 1967. among the us public, napalm became the symbol of all that was abhorrent about the war in vietnam.

south vietnam. vietnam war. 1972. magnum photos

south vietnam. vietnam war. 1972. an loc. south vietnamese injured soldiers being carried to the helicopter landing area in the hope they can be evacuated. an loc. a soviet made t.54 tank decorated with the skull of a north vietnamese soldier, after the attack on the city of an loc. american and south vietnamese wo

the top 30 vietnam war books to read this winter

the vietnam war has left many legacies. among the most positive is an abundance of top notch books, many written by veterans of the conflict. these include winners of national book awards and pulitzer prizes, both fiction and nonfiction. a slew of war memoirs stand with the best writing of that

1968 events history

aug 21, 2018 the year 1968 remains one of the most tumultuous single years in history, marked by historic achievements, shocking assassinations, a much hated war

war versus genocide and mass murder

overall, the best estimate of those killed after the vietnam war by the victorious communists in vietnam, laos, and cambodia is 2,270,000. now totaling almost twice as many as died in the vietnam war, this communist killing still continues.

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sep 18, 2019 the vietnam war was a long, costly and divisive conflict that pitted the communist government of north vietnam against south vietnam and its principal ally, the united states